Dr Giles

Dr Giles Sadler acupuncturistHi. How did a white boy like me become a Chinese Medicine Doctor. Somehow the path led here. I’ve always loved intellectual and physical learning. Reading Daoist philosophy made me interested in Chinese Medicine theory. Hard training and contact sport introduced me to the effectiveness of acupuncture, and interested me in practice. Perhaps it was because I got here naturally, without some kind of epiphany on the road and dramatic change of track, I have a pragmatic approach to Chinese medicine. No evangelical fervour and preaching about repentance here. Real life isn’t always healthy and you won’t have to give it up to get better.
Where’s here? I graduated with distinction from RMIT with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology and Chinese Medicine. This degree concluded with an intensive internship at a major Chinese Medicine Hospital. I am registered with AHPRA as an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner, and herb dispenser. I am a member of the professional association for Chinese Medicine Practitioners, AACMA.
Since graduation I have gained experience in treating many health problems by working in my own clinic, and volunteering at the Wellington in Collingwood, which provides free treatment to the disadvantaged. I have also been extremely fortunate to be able to learn from renowned Chinese Herbalist and Gynaecologist, Steven Clavey.
One more thing about this path. My physical training has become gentler with age, and I’ve now been practising aiki-jujutsu for nearly 20 years. This practice has made me responsive and empathetic, which I’m sure no-one warned me about as I probably would have objected. These are useful qualities for where I am now though. The harder training has helped too. I’ve done a lot of damage to my own body and have worked out how to keep it going.