moxa punk?

It’s an unusual approach to healthcare branding, and that’s the point. I want to distinguish my practice from the cliches that dominate the presentation of Chinese Medicine. It is a system that considers a wide range of factors that are part of patients’ conditions, but it is not unique in being holistic. It considers patients’ emotional and psychological state but so does all good medical practice. Empathy and consideration are important, but so are correct diagnosis and proper treatment.
I would like to think that The Moxa Punk image conveys a calm resolution to use the tools of Chinese Medicine to make people better, and that it does this better than a picture of a beautiful model draped with a white towel and smiling while being treated. It also displays a degree of iconoclasm towards authorised knowledge.
Then there’s the wordplay. The loose mugwort used for moxibustion is called moxa punk. The joke of using this a name for my practice kept me amused in the final stages of my studies. I then found out that many involved in Community Acupuncture in the US use the term ‘acupunk’. These are people who endeavour to provide affordable treatment in a country where many cannot afford conventional medicine, a noble cause that I identify with.
Marketing types tell me it is the wrong approach. All the more reason to use it.