black lentils

Black lentils. I just had to mention to the shop assistant that because they were black they would nourish the Kidney system. She asked if I knew about red beans. “Aduki beans”, I said. “Yes,” she replied, “They treat the liver”. I’ve learned not to directly contradict friendly people who are onside with Chinese Medicine, so I merely mentioned that aduki beans clear toxic heat from the system. But rather than treating the liver, aduki beans or chi xiao dou treat the Heart and Small Intestine systems – because they are red.
But back to the black lentils. I cook them in bone broth, mainly because it makes them delicious, but it doesn’t hurt that it compounds its nourishment of the Kidney system. This helps with bone health, lower back and knee strength, endurance, sexual, reproductive, and urinary function, and the kind of will that shows as a commitment to seeing things through.
They won’t want to eat the lentils, but the Paleo diet disciples are big on the bone broth. Buy your marrow bones from your local butcher before he finds out that some people are willing to pay good money for them.

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